Saturday, December 15, 2012

4 years

I can not believe how fast 4 years can go. I missed the actual day yesterday but Jake and I have officially been together 4 years, 2 years of that being half way around the world from each other. Still with that time apart I have never loved him more then I do today. Our anniversary caused me to reflect on all our great times together as i watched the 45 min video I put together of all our pictures. Someone once told me you before you get married you should go through all four seasons, a sickness and a road trip together.
Well here is to all that and more....
All the seasons together, more than once.
Plenty of road trips.
Our first date.
The night of our first kiss
A sickness...or wisdom teeth getting taken out
Many many dances
His mission call
and saying good bye for 2 years. 

I think we can say that we have earned the right to spend eternity together. Now he just needs to get home! I am so thankful for everything this man has done for me and all we have been through together. I have been so blessed these past 4 years. I sure do love you Jacob Aaron Rose!

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