Saturday, December 15, 2012

4 years

I can not believe how fast 4 years can go. I missed the actual day yesterday but Jake and I have officially been together 4 years, 2 years of that being half way around the world from each other. Still with that time apart I have never loved him more then I do today. Our anniversary caused me to reflect on all our great times together as i watched the 45 min video I put together of all our pictures. Someone once told me you before you get married you should go through all four seasons, a sickness and a road trip together.
Well here is to all that and more....
All the seasons together, more than once.
Plenty of road trips.
Our first date.
The night of our first kiss
A sickness...or wisdom teeth getting taken out
Many many dances
His mission call
and saying good bye for 2 years. 

I think we can say that we have earned the right to spend eternity together. Now he just needs to get home! I am so thankful for everything this man has done for me and all we have been through together. I have been so blessed these past 4 years. I sure do love you Jacob Aaron Rose!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Stars

So Jake and I have some stars. We started dating in December and named these stars ours soon after. As the years passed we have come to find that they are seasonal stars. They are only view able to us in the winter time. So it has been quite awhile since I have seen them but they are out again! I was able to see them for the first time the other night. I love seeing them, saying good night to him through them and having them remind me of Jake. They sure bring a smile to my face! 
I might have enhanced these stars just a little! :)

Missing Him

One night I was up late and missing him. I went through old videos that I had before Jake left. I through them together and added a few from his mission. I don't know why I used this song because I have been planning on making another video with it. But oh well... it's just such great song!
to missing my Jacob....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Count Down Jar

When Jake left my mom made me this really cute count down jar. It had 731 M&M's in it. I took one out for every day Jake has been gone...
 ....and now it barely has a single layer left!! I can't believe it!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The unthinkable has been thought!

I'm just a little behind in the blogging life..... But it has happened!! I don't know how but Jake has been gone a WHOLE YEAR!! I honestly don't know where this year has gone. Some how it has been the fastest year of my life which I feel so thankful for! I have grown so much this year and feel like I have reached many goals that I never thought I would be able to especially on my own. I have never felt more close to Jake which is another thing that I didn't think was possible, but it has happened! I'm not going to lie it hasn't been all super easy and I have had my moments but overall this year has been so great! I truly hope that this next year goes just as great and even faster!!  

My great mother gave me a year present. A camel that said "you've made it over the hump, NOW ENDURE TO THE END! 2 Nephi 31:20" and a little magnet that said I love my missionary! I loved it!

I couldn't celebrate alone so me and sydney went to Chili's to celebrate making it a year! It was so much fun spending time with her and of course talking about our boys!