Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worth the wait

For this whole last transfer e-mails were very scarce. If there was an email it was very short and always left me wanting to know more about what he was doing. I started to feel for the first time since he has been gone the distance between us. I got...discouraged. But I know it was only Satan working on me and thanks to great friends who care and listen and know exactly what to say I got out of my little slump and found the strength again. Then today came around (Jake's P-day) and I got a very amazing long email! It hit the spot! I don't know how else to say it but every single word in there was just perfect! I would post high lights from it but well...then the whole email would be on here! Also his big email just shows what an amazing young man he is. The spirit was so strong and his light just shines right through! His willingness and desire to serve and bring the gospel to the people of Tonga is just so over powering. I can't even explain how I feel about him, there are no words. Driving tonight I just yelled out my window and wanted to tell the world the "I love Jacob"! Tingling filled my body and there were butterflies in my stomach. It was well worth the wait!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Speaks to the heart

So lonely, missing you each day.
I pray if only for a moment I could see your smiling face,
you’d take away this emptiness inside of me.
But, I’ll be strong until we meet.
I miss you, long to hear you laugh again.
To kiss you, let you know that life begins when I’m by your side,
holding you tight.
You give me strength to brave it all, faith and hope when darkness starts to fall.
When the wind blows cold and threatening, nobody’s there to comfort me.
Someone, somewhere, hear my pleas.
Until then please let me know how long ‘til I hear your heart singing that sweet song.
Will I be there to sing along in harmony, just you and me?
The music stops when you’re not here, but my heart sings until you’re near to me.
Oh, can you even hear my cries that call your name beneath the stars tonight?
When the wind blows cold and threatening, nobody’s there to comfort me.
Somehow, someone hear my pleas.
Until then I hope you know I need you to chase away the clouds so I can see you.
And run through fields of flowers like we used to do, just we two.
Hold onto the memories until that day I’m holding you again.
Good-night my friend, good-night.
— Tiny’s Song [How Lonely]