Sunday, July 24, 2011

What A Week

I know I am spoiled for getting an email every week. But these last  couple of weeks Jake has been talking about maybe not being able to email during his mission at some point. I started to really get anxiety over this and told him so. He just told me not to worry and he would write me and email me as soon as he can. In the last email I got from him he said if you don't get an email please don't get down. Just know I will try my hardest to get them to you because I know they make you happy and I want to keep you happy. So Thursday morning (the latest time he could possibly send and email on his p-day) I roll over in bed and prayed an email would be there. I hesitantly pushed the refresh button but I just had a feeling and knew there wasn't going to be an email. Sure enough...there wasn't! But the amazing part was I didn't get down. This was the first week I had not heard anything from him since he has been gone and I was fine!? I thought there was something totally wrong with me! 

Then I got this in the mail....yes it is send to Jake but showed up back at my house! Sent all the way back in April! Well I thought for sure the tears would come after this showed up but still nothing!

I think my friend Sydney ( Through the Stars) is rubbing off on me with keeping a good attitude and having the right perspective! Still no tears and only more prays for Jake during his busy weeks. I guess I will have to save up the tears for another week! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 months!

I'm not complaining at all but I can't believe it has already been six months! Time has gone by so fast it feels like maybe is so wonderful!
Two and a half months in the MTC
Two phone calls
Three and a half months in Tonga
becoming an expert at the language
5 baptisms
many miles walked
and many people touched

I couldn't be more proud of Jake and all the hard work he is doing!

I feel like I have already grown so much since he has been gone. I have grown up a lot, learned to love doing things by myself and to get through things on my own. I have strengthened my relationship with other people that I couldn't have gotten this far without.  I am thankful for this experience for both of us to learn and grow both together and individually! I can't wait to see what the adventures the next six months brings us both...Bring it on!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Over the past few months my dating life has kind of changed. I have a date once a week. Sometimes I don't know when it is coming. The hours of my dating life are not the "usual" times it may be in the afternoon, middle of the night or early in the morning. Sometimes I don't get much sleep waiting for my date because of these odd hours, but it is always worth it! In these dates sometimes there are tears, most of them laughs and all of them love. After these dates I always feel closer with my date and so in love! Through the cables of the computer, clear across the seas all the way to me, I always look forward for my inbox to show "new message" and know that my date can begin!